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Upcoming Concerts

In May - Memorial Day:   Concert at the Veteran's Hall in Red Bluff on the corner of South Jackson and Oak Streets.  Time:   To be determined, possibly around 9 am. 

Summer Concerts in the Red Bluff River Park:  Mondays from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm beginning in June and going through August. Bring your own seat!

Tehama Jubilee:   on a Saturday in September,  date and time to be posted later. 

 As of January  2015, this is our new Internet home (our old site was redbluffcommunityband.org).  We will be adding new information and pictures along the way.  Please visit us frequently to see the new additions and / or to contact us. 

Members:  We are a community band and have members of all ages.  Some of our younger members are in junior high, some of our older members are grandparents, and some of our members play in more than one band.   Some of our members played an instrument in school, did not play for years as an adult, and have recently returned to play music with us.  We have one member who played in school, did not play after graduation for 40 years, and is now playing with us. 

New Members:  We welcome new band members.  New members need to be able to read music and have played for a few years, even if it is not recently. 


  • September through May:  Monday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Presbyterian Church located at 838 Jefferson Street, Red Bluff.   This is one block north of the Post Office and across the intersection from the House of Design.

  • June through August:  Monday evenings from 9 pm to 10 pm (after our concert) in the Red Bluff River Park.


  • Summer Concert Series:  in the Red Bluff River Park on Mondays at 8 pm.   Bring your own seat!

  • Tehama Jubilee:   outside the Tehama Museum, usually at 9 am.   The last jubilee was on a Saturday in September 2016.

  • Kelly Griggs Ice Cream Social:  outside the Kelly Griggs Museum.  The last social was on a Sunday in September 2016.

  • Salvation Army Small Ensembles:  outside several Red Bluff businesses on one evening in December.  The 2016 small ensembles played on at several businesses around town.

  • Children's Christmas Festival:  performed at the Red Bluff Community Center.    The last festival was December 2016.

  • Lassen House:  concert played for the residents of Lassen House.  The last concert performed for them was December 2016.

New Concerts

We do not receive many requests for new concerts.    We need to receive your request at least 6 weeks (2-3 months preferred) prior to your desired concert date for the band to consider adding a concert to the schedule.    This is to see if we have enough members available on your date, and if we do, to practice the music for that concert.    Please contact the director, or a board member, to have your request considered.

Pictures of the Red Bluff Band

We have some  and plan to rotate them on the website.  If you have pictures of the band you would like to give to us, please send them to us attached to an email in jpeg format.   Please include the date the picture was taken.   We might add them to our website.

Last update:  April 2017